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Readers respond to good writing. My main goal is to make your copy clear, correct and highly readable.


Below are my average rates for the various business editing services I offer. If you’d like to discuss a flat fee for a specific project, or you’re interested in establishing an ongoing relationship for a specified amount of monthly editing work, get in touch and we can work out an alternative pricing structure. Payment will be via PayPal invoice or a mutually agreed upon arrangement with your company.

Proofreading: $35 per hour

Basic copy editing: $45 per hour

Substantive or heavy editing: $55 per hour

Web copy editing: $40 per hour

Resumes: Entry level to early career, $100 to $250; established or complex career, $300 and up

Research: $40 per hour

Hit your communication target every time

Everyone needs an editor, and this is your one-stop shop for editing excellence. Whether you’re a company looking to focus a disorganized article or an entrepreneur struggling to craft web copy that resonates with potential customers, I can pull your words together and polish them. Whether you’re a student striving to write a standout admissions essay or a speaker who needs PowerPoint slides proofread to perfection, I can help you reach your goal.

Clear, effective, error-free communications matter for everyone. I help companies and individuals craft authentic messages that hit their target every time.

Below are the types of business editing services I offer. I can edit and proofread according to your preferred style guide if you have one. If you’re looking for book editing services, click here.


Proofreading corrects spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors and minor grammatical errors.


In addition to the proofreading services noted above, a basic copy edit will polish and smooth out your content. This can involve deleting unnecessary words or sentences, rewriting vague or awkward sentences, and improving the overall flow by minor restructuring of sentences, paragraphs or sections as needed.


A heavy edit typically involves significant restructuring to create a more logical sequence and improve flow. The rewriting could be extensive, particularly if the original author is not a professional writer, or if there are multiple authors with different skill levels and varying tones. This edit may also require services such as checking any footnoted sources and research to obtain missing information.


This service involves editing or rewriting documents for the web, when source content is provided by the client.


I can revamp your resume (content and format) so that you stand out wherever you apply.


Need to fact-check an article you’re writing? Or maybe you want reams of obscure information for a book you’re working on? I love to research, and I dig deep.