Selected projects

Business editing

My clients use my services as an editor, proofreader, researcher and writer. They enjoy my versatility, work ethic and fast turnaround. My home base is Salem, Massachusetts, but I work remotely with clients anywhere in the US.   

Much of my work has been in financial services. I’m often the “fresh eyes” to help clients clean up industry jargon and stay focused on their audience. My client list must remain partly confidential, but it includes both a Fortune 100 company and one of America’s largest private firms.

Some clients that I can name are:
Jack Morton Worldwide
Eaton Power
MIT Community Innovators Lab
Tyco International
Subway Restaurants
Standard Insurance Company

I’ve handled diverse projects, such as:
Editing and proofreading web copy and other online materials
Proofreading and finalizing corrections for proposal responses
Editing a massive proposal response library
Editing existing marketing copy (from fact sheets to case studies)
Writing and posting for clients’ social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Researching and writing a nutrition-focused activity and learning guide for kids
Researching and writing sections of an irreverent online IT competition
Serving as news editor and writer for an online music magazine

Freedom from the Self

I’m pleased to announce the release of Freedom from the Self by Nicholas Blewett. I provided copy editing and proofreading for this book.

From the author:

Whether or not you are aware of it, most people around the globe are trapped in a cycle of hurt and suffering. They experience an ever-present emptiness, a void, a chronic lack of fulfillment. For centuries, billions of people have sought various solutions outside themselves in attempts to address this immense disorder. Yet the source of hurt, suffering and unfulfillment remains elusive. This book—if you allow it—will take you on the greatest journey of your life. You will inquire deep into yourself to learn the true source of Humanity’s malaise, how to break free from our self-imposed cycle of hurt, and how to embody true love and compassion. Here you will discover the incredible Art of Living.

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I’m pleased to announce the release of KEURIUM by JS Lee. I provided developmental and line editing for this novel.

From the author:

Shay Stone lies in a hospital bed, catatonic—dead to the world. Her family thinks it’s a ploy for attention. Doctors believe it’s the result of an undisclosed trauma. At the mercy of memories and visitations, Shay unearths secrets that may have led to her collapse. Will she remain paralyzed in denial? Or can she accept the unfathomable and break free?

KEURIUM threads through one adopted Korean American’s life of longing and letting go. On a quest for family, sanity and survival, it challenges saviorism and forced gratitude. Woven through its heartbreaking fabric is a story of love and resilience.

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The Ungodly

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Ungodly by Paula Keessen. The original Dutch version of this book (De Goddeloze) has received a great deal of media attention in the Netherlands, including national press coverage. I provided copy editing and proofreading for the English translation of the book.

From the author:

When I was eighteen, I left my parental home. Taking only two plastic bags of clothes, I faced an uncertain future. I left realizing that no one I knew would ever speak to me again, including my parents, my sisters and my brother. Now, twenty-five years later, I’m still often asked what it’s like to live as a Jehovah’s Witness. In this book I give a detailed look inside that life and reveal the impact of excommunication. I share my struggle, my grief, my anger and my attempts to build a new life. I had to learn to live without rules…

Paula Keessen (1976) released in 2013 a poetry album called The River of Blue

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Exhausted to Empowered

I’m pleased to announce the release of Exhausted to Empowered: How Women of Color Can Stop Self-Sacrificing in Their Relationships and Take Back Their Lives in 5 Minutes a Day by Mari Verano. I provided copy editing and proofreading for this book.

From the author:

Do you often feel as if you give and give to people and have nothing left at the end of the day? Like you just don’t have energy for the people and things that truly matter to you? You’re frustrated with the chaos of your life and the people around you who are always in chaos, all the time. Do you suffer from feelings of worthlessness and anxiety only to have gone to therapists and support groups who tell you that you are being “difficult”? Have you gone to therapists who didn’t understand you and made you feel worse? I Know What It’s Like . . . I’ve been there before—and I counsel many women like you.

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