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Random Arty Things
My catch-all page for shameless self promotion, weekly or monthly whims, and my signature expression, inane babbling. This SO needs to be updated and someday I will...

Is there no end to the self-punishment the folks at Defenestration will subject themselves to?
My short-short story: "The Precise Moment Dominick Temporarily Became a Vegetarian" found a happy home with those wacky kids at Defenestration.

Laugh (Or big deal.)
And they also liked my digital art piece, "Unlikely Accidents, Number 1."
I was just having these random thoughts (like that's different somehow) and started to imagine ... well, it involves a crawfish and a bus. It doesn't get better than that, eh? I will post it when I find it.

Read! (It's not an order exactly...more like a suggestion.)
My creative non-fiction piece: NKRF (The Del Sol Review)
And yes, they still haven't fixed the bio notes underneath ...

Read more! (Again, merely a suggestion.)
Poetry, in the inaugural issue of Conte Online.

Poetry you can't read, because it's not online but in a printed thingy.
"Microwave Love" in Curbside Review.

That's all the randomness my universe can handle at the moment.