Major Developments: Copywriting
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Writing Samples
This part gets a little tricky.

Some clients don't mind me showing the work we've done together, but they don't want it posted online.

Some pieces I can't show at all or I'll be beaten about the head with one of the gazillion confidentiality agreements I've signed.

A lot of my work is long-form marketing collateral -- 12-page brochures and such. Those are probably best viewed as hard copies. What I've posted here will hopefully give you a little flavor of what I can do. If you want to see more work, or different types, just let me know.

Click individual images to see larger versions in a pop-up window.

Client: Fidelity Investments -- Self Mailer
Copy Excerpt:

(SUBHEAD)An Easy Way to Help Get Your Retirement Plan on Track

(BACK HEAD)It's Easy to Open an IRA.
(SUBHEAD)And here's why it's a good idea.

(INSIDE FLAP)Because Retirement May Cost You More Than You Think.

(HEAD)Find out how much you might really need for retirement.
(BODY)Invest 15 minutes. Answer 15 questions.
Client: SIC -- 3-D Direct Mail (cube puzzle and insert)
This piece was part of a cultivation program for current and potential business partners. The piece was a "magic puzzle" branded for the company, and an insert. (Click on the puzzle image above; the copy insert will open as a PDF.) This piece got a great response and led to new invitations to quote for business.
Client: -- Guide to Redesigned Site
Click here to see the guide online.

Staples rocks. I did work for them for over five years, on and offline. Smart people. Good projects.
Client: PQNDT -- Complete Web Site
Click here to visit the site.

PQNDT is the industry-leading recruiter for the very specialized field of non-destructive testing. I've done all the site copy as well as trade show and e-mail work for them. They're a great client ... easy to work with, not afraid of trying new things, and very decisive.
Client: SIC -- HolidayMailer
This was a holiday mailer to business partners, both active and those we were cultivating, sent with Dancing Deer Peppermint Snowflake cookies. (Yeah, tasting cookie samples was a tough part of the job ... mmmm.) When you click on the image above you'll see the mailer copy.

In addition to the copy, the entire concept was mine. I was sitting in my umpteenth meeting where someone said the company didn't provide "cookie cutter solutions." And I knew the sales support team was searching for a holiday idea ...
Client: SIC -- "The Matrix"
This was part of a "how to" package for the sales force. When you spin the wheel, it shows thumbnails of all their new Explorer sales kit pieces with brief explanations. The Explorer kit is also a great piece. I'll try to get it posted soon.
Client: Insurance Engine -- Dow Case Study (PDF)
Copy Excerpt:

One of the end results of the yearlong merger process with Union Carbide was that Dow had also acquired Union Carbide's health insurance plan, including a sizeable retiree population. Dow had no desire to maintain two self-insured plans. The simplest solution would have been for Dow's current vendor to take in the Union Carbide plan participants. But there was a problem.
Client: Fidelity Investments -- EMail
Copy Excerpt:

(HEAD) The Guidance You Need Right From the Start.

(BODY) When you're starting out, the early investment decisions you make can have a significant impact on your success in reaching future goals. That's where the Fidelity Online Portfolio Review can help.
Client: PQNDT -- College Recruiting Trade Show Panel
Copy Excerpt:

Get Beyond the Hook Up.

Recruit for a solid company with long-term industry relationships.

I came up with several concepts, but since it was a college crowd we thought the idea of hooking up might get their attention.
Client: Fidelity Investments -- Portfolio Management Brochure
When you click on the brochure cover sample above, you'll see just a small part of the brochure. The copy sample is of the first panels you see when you open the brochure. It features a chart to help readers to identify which financial service might be best. The services were explained in the next panels.