“If you’re seeking an editor who goes beyond the grammatical realm, I highly recommend Laura Major. She has a sharp eye and mind for tracking the numerous details and themes of long-form work. Her keen observations and suggestions will help tighten your manuscript, allowing you to take things to the next level.

Working with Major Developments on my novel, Keurium, was a gratifying process and crucial decision. After pouring so much into your project, you want to choose an editor who becomes invested in the story and instills confidence in your work. Laura will do just that.”

—JS Lee, author of Everyone Was Falling, Keurium, An Ode to the Humans Who’ve Loved and Left Me and It Wasn’t Love

“Looking for a superstar to edit that 800-page novel in your desk drawer? Want to make sure the annual report your agency just spent three months on is cliché-free and grammatically perfect? Need a culturally-savvy gut check on a new social campaign so it gets shared for all the right reasons? Give it to Laura Major and watch your work go from good to great in the hands of a professional who’s as passionate about your words as you are. Laura is objective, witty, honest, efficient, hilarious, a relentless advocate for killer ideas, and she just might be your new secret weapon in the war against mediocrity.”

—Ian Catmur, Creative Director

“As a professional writer and editor, I have worked with many copy editors. Laura is one of the best. She gave our book the polish it needed to publish. Not only is she a talented copy editor, but she also gave meaningful feedback from a line editing perspective when asked. She has an eye for detail and an ear for cadence. She was thorough in her feedback, respectful of the content and of the author’s voice, and delivered her comments on time. I will be calling on her again for our next project!”

—Ashlee Brown Blewett, editor of Freedom from the Self

“Major Developments gives me MAJOR support as my go-to editor, content developer, social media guru and proofreader. Laura thrives on doing her work exceedingly well. She knows how to beautifully turn a phrase and turn it quickly. I wouldn’t be in business without Major Developments.”

—Lorna Mackey, President, Mackey Communication Group

“Laura smoothly handled her writing, editing, and proofing work. She was versatile, too, writing social media posts, researching and drafting copy for an online contest, sharpening our in-house drafts, and catching (and correcting) every copy error, large or small.”

—Glenn Britland, (former) Associate Creative Director, Jack Morton Worldwide

“Laura is great to work with! She’s versatile, fast and reliable.”

—Liz Ekwall, VP, Executive Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide

“Laura edited my autobiography, but she gave so much more than I asked for or expected! She had some great ideas on how to improve some parts of my book, and with every change she made she kept my goal in mind. Communicating with her about the progress was an amazing experience. She kept me posted every step of the way, and the result is sublime. I am very proud that I had the chance to work with her on my book, and I am very grateful she made it as perfect as it is!”

—Paula Keessen, author of The Ungodly and The River of Blue

“I can’t express how much it means to me. It had always seemed more than I could hope for to find an editor who has proven to be an outstanding collaborative partner on this as well as being an excellent editor/coach. Not only has the work benefited enormously by your thoughtful and diligent editing, but I have learned more from the whole experience than I believe I’m yet fully aware. Thank you.”

—GV, novelist

“Laura is not only an editor, but she is also a superhero when it comes to working on a novel. She helped me to make the best of my manuscript, to polish it, and helped she me get a traditional book deal for my debut novel. She fought plot holes, grammar, and spelling mistakes, and she conquered the city of publication with me. It is through her that I learned a lot about writing itself that I didn’t know before. Working with Laura was a delight, and I will work with no other editor for my next publications!”

—Yvonne Knop, author of A Case of Madness

“I was lucky to be referred to Laura Major when I was looking for someone to edit my books. Not only is she smart, detail-oriented and professional, she is a joy to work with.”

—Andrea Shepherd, author of 25 Tango Lessons

“Laura’s editing was astonishing! Seriously. You can quote me on that.”

—Robert C. Whitehair, PhD, author of American Buyout

“Laura and I were a working team for a prestigious global program in a complex industry. It was definitely a juggling act, complicated by the myriad personalities involved. Laura deftly handled the wide-ranging demands of our work. She was extraordinarily diligent whether working on the big picture or the small details. 

As our working relationship developed, it became clear Laura was the go-to person to help with writing assignments related to our work. She was always able to create a cohesive whole from often disparate parts, keeping the point and tone of the writer(s) in mind.

Laura created smart organizational structures to tame chaos, and crafted straightforward and coherent communications. She is smart, creative, empathetic, funny, and has a gift for gracefully cutting through nonsense. She’s easy to work with, gets things done, and can help you be your best.”

—R. Jennette, Administrator, Partners Healthcare